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How FIFA Does Football Rankings A private organization that governs the association of football is known as FIFA. This is the body that is responsible for organizing major tournaments that generate income from sponsorship. With this revenue they use it to upgrade football industry. Apart from organizing major tournament FIFA also play a very important role in doing rankings in football. They rank players, coaches and the teams at international levels. So let us see how FIFA ranks these three categories. How do they rank players? FIFA use different things to rank players. Majorly they use the player profile. It contains all the collection of things that you will need about a particular player. What they consider is the player’s general performance of which this will only duel on the players’ current form not the past . The look at the great talent and the skills that player posses both in the field and outside the field, in the club and at international level. This will involve the number of goals scored, assists made, saves, deciding goals, tackles made, the number of complete passes and many other disciplines. Another point they check is the ability of the player to face challenges. For example, a striker who is able to penetrate through the best defense and obstructions in the field of play. Even if you are good with the ball but without discipline you will be spending most of your time out of the field serving burns and this will destroy your career. Another important thing that is used to rank players is their achievement both individually and as a team. This will include personal achievements like let us say top scorer, best dribble and things of that sort. The number of trophies you have earned for the club and the national team is also an important tip used by FIFA in ranking.
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FIFA also ranks international teams. Primarily international teams are ranked according to the number of international friendly matches that they have played and won. Not all the friendly matches are recognized by FIFA but only the ones they have organized. Apart from that they also consider the number of trophies the team has won for their country and the general discipline of the team. You should also know that the ranked can also be influenced by the strength of the team you are playing against.
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Another group that is ranked by FIFA are the coaches. The ranking of the coach will generally depend on the performance of the team and the individual players. How the players are playing in the field will be a reflection of what their coach has told them to do. The guidance in the field is the responsibility of the coach.

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